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Be energetic by finding the best B-vitamin complex! Fat-soluble vitamins D, E, K and A, which due to this property are also able to be stored in the body's fat cells. In contrast, water-soluble vitamins C and B are excreted in the urine when not used.

That is why they may even need to be replenished daily if we do not cover the required amount of our food.

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B vitamins represent a large group that have many important and beneficial properties for our health. This will be discussed in our article, and why it is not the best solution to take each B vitamin separately is much more recommended as a complex.

Why is vitamin B important?

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Different types of B vitamins are responsible for different processes in the body, but there are also general effects for the group. They also play an important role in biochemical processes, such as enzymes and coenzymes, so they help other enzymes work during cellular metabolic processes. Because of their effect on the nervous system, they dissipate stress, ensure a restful sleep cycle, and prevent the development of mental problems.

Vitamin B deficiency is rare in a healthy body, but poor nutrition, excessive physical and mental strain, consuming too much alcohol, and aging can cause them to be deficient. Usually, not one particular B vitamin is missing, but several at a time.

That is why, based on the recommendations of experts, we A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást now say that finding the best B-vitamin complex is important, because it is not worth replacing them one by one.

The symptoms of deficiency diseases are characteristic of the given type of vitamin B, but mainly fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, dry skin and mouth, and indigestion.

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Types of vitamin B. The various B vitamins are either known by A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást number or run under a separate name. The best B-vitamin complexes contain most of them.

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We now review which one is responsible, why, and what causes their specific lack! Vitamin B1 The vitamin, also known as thiamine, is important for A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást brain function, muscle regeneration, and carbohydrate metabolism. It A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást all kinds of nervous system processes, is a real brain stimulant, helps learning, improves memory. In addition, its muscle function-promoting effect is not only important for the skeletal system, but also nourishes the heart muscle, thus playing a role in the prevention of cardiological problems.

Too much sugary, carbohydrate foods, taking different medications, aging, pregnancy, all cause a lack of thiamine. In such cases, the person will be anorexic, depressed, nausea, muscle weakness, and later impairment of mental ability may occur, as well as disturbances of the nerve pathways, if the deficiency disease persists in the long run. The beneficial effects of vitamin B1 have been observed in the treatment of shingles, in the relief of pain, in the fight against seasickness, in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, and in the treatment of mental disorders associated with aggression.

The body needs Vitamin B2 Riboflavin is responsible for utilizing the energy generated by the intake of nutrients and for other B vitamins to participate effectively in energy-producing processes. So here, too, we can see how important it is to A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást B vitamins together. B2 also supports skin and mucous membrane health, A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást to the formation of blood cells, is needed for cellular respiration and the absorption of certain amino acids.

Riboflavin is needed for healthy growth, but can even have a good effect on fertility. Its antioxidant effect protects the eye against the development of cataracts, supports the thyroid gland.

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It is also produced in certain amounts in the body, produced by the beneficial flora of our small intestine. This is why we rarely lack it, but it is accompanied by cracks in the skin, damage to the mucous membranes, inflammation, ulcers, or eye problems. The body needs a daily requirement of Vitamin B3 Nicotinic acid or niacin also plays a role in energy processes, so it is present in the metabolism of fat, protein, carbohydrates, but its antioxidant effect binds free radicals, thus protecting cells.

B3 is also produced by the body, but since it is a vitamin that is difficult to absorb and A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást easily utilized, it does not hurt to cover it from an external source food, dietary supplement. A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást daily requirement varies with age, from 10 to 30 mg.

Vitamin B5 It is involved in the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

Milyen termékeket tartalmaz nikotin

Its role as an energy producer is especially important in fat metabolism. It nourishes the epithelial tissue, so it is also used to treat rashes. We rarely lack a vitamin, also called pantothenic acid, and our daily requirement is 5 mg.

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It is also used in much higher doses for excessive stress, chronic fatigue, or smoking cessation. Vitamin B6 It also plays an important role in protecting the nervous system and our skin, but is also needed for amino acid metabolism and protein synthesis.

Lack of it usually occurs due to the use of drugs and contraceptives, in which case the corner of the mouth, the skin, there will be a shortage of red blood cells - as well as B6 hematopoietic cells - but also gastrointestinal complaints.

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If there is not enough of it, nervous system complaints and depression can also occur Another name A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást B6 is pyridoxine. It works closely with B12 as well as folic acid. We take quite a bit of it with food, the minimum would be 1 mg a day.

Nicoin Szüntesse meg a dohányzás szokása nélkül stressz nélkül! Jelenleg nincs kétség afelõl, hogy a dohányzás nagyon káros hatással van az emberi egészségre, és minél hosszabb ideig függõséget igényel, annál inkább az organizmus káros vegyületeknek van kitéve. A legnagyobb veszély azonban a tüdõrák, amelynek közvetlen oka a dohányzás. Megszakad a függõséggel.

But it has also been shown to be helpful in diabetes. Vitamin B9 Everyone hears about it mostly as folic acid and only a few A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást of it are needed, but it is essential. It is an important ingredient in, for example, pregnancy vitamins because it can prevent early disorders. Folic acid also supports the nervous system, participates in the synthesis of DNA and RNA, inhibits the depression of the expectant mother, and also helps in the production of white blood cells immune cells and red blood cells oxygen transport.

Vitamin B12 Cobalamin is one of A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást most important hematopoiesis, and in its absence severe anemia can occur.

A nikotinsav segíti a leszokást

Because certain factors in the gut are also needed for absorption, it may need to be replaced, even if only a few micrograms a day is our minimum need. B12 deficiency damages the mucous membranes, nervous system complaints and digestive problems can also occur in addition to red blood cell deficiency.